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Accessible Bathrooms

You may have a requirement for an accessible bathroom and you do not know where to start.  Trevor has the expertise to assist you in choosing the correct and most cost effective solution.  We offer a free callout to help you in obtaining the best layout for you or your loved ones needs and when we have come up with a plan we will quote for this work free of charge also.

If required we can also organise and oversee the whole project from start to finish.  We work alongside many good tradespeople everyday doing these type of projects and we have no hesitation in acquiring their services so whether it is a Builder, Electrician, Carpenter or Tiler we can liaise with them and co-ordinate all the services needed in a timely manner so as to ensure that your project is completed as quickly as possible with as little as disruption as possible to the family home.  This option can be helpful and leave you with one less headache as you are only dealing with one contractor for the job and can alleviate stress for you which could occur when trying to do this on your own, especially if a loved one is waiting to be discharged from Rehab, Nursing Home or Hospital where you probably have several other people to co-ordinate and liaise with i.e. Doctor, Public Health Nurse, Occupational Therapists, etc.


Did You Know?

Local Authority Grants are Available.

  • Mobility Aids Grant: This Grant assists with adaptations to address mobility issues.
  • Housing Aid for Older People Grant: This Grant provides support to improve conditions in the house of people who are aged 66 and older. 
  • House Adaptation Grant: The House Adaptation Grant for people with a disability assist with the provision/adaption of accommodation to meet the needs of people with disabilities.

Revenue – VAT Rebate in respect of Aids and Appliances for use by Disabled Persons.

You can reclaim any VAT that you have paid out in respect of aids and appliances for use by Disabled Person i.e. Stair Lift, Special Chairs, ETC. The VAT on the work for   adapting your bathroom for someone with a disability can also be reclaimed.  However please note that if the Local Authority issues a 100% Grant  then they pay the VAT and this   cannot be reclaimed but if you received 50% Grant, the 50% VAT you pay yourself can be reclaimed and all the VAT can be reclaimed if you are not receiving any Grant funding.

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