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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating is commonly used now in new builds replacing the old conventional method of radiators.  Underfloor heating has several advantages

  • Creates more space
  • Improves aesthetics (no radiators or radiator panelling needed)
  • Requires lower water temperatures which is well suited to heat pumps and leads to lower running costs.
  • Even overall feeling of comfort as the heat source is spread throughout the floor rather than one over ground source i.e. radiators

Early concerns of underfloor heating issues like spot heating which was a result of oxygen and air bubbles been present have now been eliminated due to a new aluminium core in underfloor heating pipe which guarantees a 100% lifetime oxygen barrier.

Many fears of homeowners would be leaks in the piping in the underfloor heating system however this is prevented as each room circuit of underfloor heating pipe is laid without any joints under floor level as they are brought back to a central connection point over ground.  This connection point is normally placed in a discreet location i.e. under stairs, in a cupboard (hot-press) or in a specially designed cabinet.

Digital Thermostats
are installed in each room for individual room control e.g. You might require more heat in your living area than a bedroom.

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